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Design meets fairy tales 



Timeless Danish Design

In the traditional, Scandinavian expression that adorns the home while bringing generations together. Based on the world famous fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, Aviendo Fairy Tales combines traditional Danish wood crafting with contemporary design and artistically illustrated storytelling. 

Walnut Duckling

$ 57,00


$ 82,00

Hans Christian Andersen

Artistically illustrated books, with Hans Christian Andersen's well-known fairy tales, added a modern twist. The books contain questions to each chapter that can be read and answered with the child. Traditional fairy tales brought to life in a modern context. 


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Aviendo lives to enrich and inspire

Creating quality time between children and adults, giving room for generations to meet and connect - inspired by Danish design and inheritance. 


$ 82,00

Ugly Duckling

$ 82,00

The Collection

Consists of the three designs the Ugly Duckling, the Nightingale and - coming to you soon, the Tinderbox.  


Aviendo Fairy Tales

Brings together timeless Danish design with well-known fairy tales. Developed together with young and rising Danish designers, Aviendo Fairy Tales is rooted in Danish culture, heritage and our classic design tradition