The artists
Mads Hanghøj, Cand.Design, MA Industrial Design, graduated from Kolding School of Design, loob.dk
“Apart from the deliverance of H. C. Andersen’s morals, I hope that this project will make parents spend more time with their children. It is also the intention to challenge children’s sense of imagination by making different moods/expressions with the duckling, as well to make children feel and explore the different material properties (rubber, brass, and wood) while playing.”  

Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen, Cand.Arch, Architect MAA, graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture, mikkelmikkel.com   
“The map which encases the book has more than one function. It is an abstract visual presentation of the story. Even without the questions the figure and the map is a way of engaging and involving the child. Furthermore, the intention is to facilitate interaction between parent and child. It is a way of starting a conversation about the morals in the story. The beauty of H. C. Andersen’s Fairy Tales is that they can be interpreted in many ways and on different levels. We wanted to design a frame for spending time with your family while incorporating a reflective, educating environment.” 

Sara Lillie Gornitzka, MA Production Design, Graduate from the Department of Visual Communications at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, with a Masters Degree in Production Design, saralillie.com   
“The combination of a picture book, a figure and a learning game made perfect sense for us. We saw the project as a great opportunity to bring together families around a story, and encourage children and their parents to play together and learn together. Our hope is that the Ugly Duckling book, figure and the map can help parents and children to talk about the fairy tale and reflect on the message of the story.”  

Oliver Borg von Bülow, Cand.Design The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Central Saint Martins, and Laurits Brückner Jensen, Cand.Design Design School Kolding and Goldsmiths, University of London, duo from Borg Borg Brückner, borgbruckner.dk  
“With the simple but changeable design of The Ugly Duckling, Aviendo Fairy Tales showed an ambition to create innovative products in a category of design with a strong history, but where many recent products offer nothing but new shapes. With The Nightingale, we have tried to rethink the construction of a toy flute without compromising the overall aesthetic. At first glance a simple shape, but when investigated The Nightingale shows innovative assembly technique, modern craftsmanship, and contemporary production methods.”

Anders Frang, Cand.Design graduated MA from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, andersfrang.com    
“Illustrating a children's book was a wonderful challenge, especially the intricate interplay of words and image on the same page. The Nightingale is a story with many characters, and in particular, it was interesting to develop each character's personality through their visual appearance. H.C. Andersen's stories have all been interpreted numerous times; one aspect of Aviendo's version of The Nightingale I really enjoyed was the humor and the playfulness in the text, and I hope the reader will find that the illustrations reflect this.“