The Nightingale complete collection

The Nightingale complete collection


The Nightingale complete collection contains Nightingale book and Nightingale figure. The Nightingale figure is elegant and functional. Through its minimalistic style of Danish design and choice of innovative materials, the songbird doubles as a flute, allowing talented little ones to play the Nightingale’s illustrious song. Additionally, the beautifully illustrated book includes thought-provoking questions to each chapter, enabling a deeper level of learning for little scholars. 

Designed by Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen and Borg Brückner, with the book's illustrations beautifully executed by Anders Frang. 

Materials: natural, high-quality paper; environmentally friendly rubberwood; stainless steel; BPA free silicone. 

Specifications: H 9cm x W 23cm x L 28cm

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